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I’m Jane and I’m so pleased you’re here!

I’d LOVE you to experience being the fullest version of yourself.

To express who you are with how you dress.

To experience the sheer confidence it brings.

To feel on top of the world. Vibrant. Alive. 

To life life to the full.

To live life on purpose.

It’s easy when you know how! 


I remember absolutely loathing shopping

I simply wanted to find something I looked and felt fabulous in.

I just didn’t know where to start.

Excitement and expectation of something new to wear would soon turn to despondency.

Total overwhelm.

I’d return home disappointed, frustrated, upset and angry with myself.

Surely finding something that suited me shouldn’t be this difficult?!


Then, one evening, quite by chance, everything changed…..

I found myself being hoiked from the audience at a childminding meeting.

The speaker was a COLOUR and STYLE consultant.

I was the ‘Before’.

Then came the ‘After’

It changed my life…………….

It can change yours too.

And you needn’t wait for ‘chance’. 

Are YOU ready for change?

For Transformation?


These days I have the knowledge and experience to help YOU build YOUR DREAM WARDROBE.

To uncover the COLOURS that suit you

The CLOTHING SHAPES that suit you

And to discover your PERSONAL STYLE

Even help you DESIGN a LIFE YOU LOVE 

But don’t take my word for it:


 “ One very important aspect of Dress Rehearsal is he totally bespoke consultation and result, no formulaic categorisation. The visual and written information …………is the best and most tailor made I could have received and it is absolutely for me.”

To arrange a Transformational Session or for further information simply e-MAIL Jane here.

Or Telephone 01329 667308 to see if DRESS REHEARSAL is for YOU.