I heard somewhere, a long time ago, something like this:

If you’re ever looking for HUGE growth and self development, become self employed!


I can only agree!

Working for myself has been a glorious, heady mix of excitement and, pit of the stomach, “totally out of my comfort zone”, rollercoaster ride, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like many self employed, soloprenuer women, in order to do my thing, my way, I need to ‘run my own business’.

When I finally left my ‘day job’, having trained to be a Colour Consultant and Stylist a decade ago now, I knew I had taken a huge leap of faith. I was exhilarated to be following by heart into this wonderful industry – I was living and breathing it!

Whilst it was absolutely THE BEST DECISION for me and I felt confident in the services I offered to clients, in the early days I struggled with some of the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of ‘going it alone’:


  • What would I charge?
  • How would I fill my diary with clients?
  • How would I get known?
  • How would I cope with the ‘competition’?
  • How would I cope with inexperience?
  • How would I grow the business?
  • How would I plan, put together a strategy?
  • How to get ‘back on the horse’ after a ‘wobble’, a knock to my confidence
  • How to make up for the lack of energy and support from colleagues



I’ve invested in Business Coaching and Mentoring myself.

It provided me with the building blocks to Dress Rehearsal as it is today.

Now, as a teacher and trainer myself, I have found it to be a seamless and natural progression to coach and mentor new and aspiring stylists.

I simply transfer these skills to coach and mentor other free spirited women in business, too:


  • sharing my own, personal, business building blocks
  • raising confidence
  • pricing
  • creating a plan; a strategy
  • growing business
  • marketing – on and off line
  • networking


Sessions are held at my home in Hill Head, Fareham, Hampshire.

I have a guest room available for those travelling distance and wishing to STAY OVER

Feel free to contact me, without obligation, for further information OR to book an appointment.

Alternatively please call: 01329 667308 or 07742 816435.