COLOUR ANALYSIS with a twist!


Imagine wearing colours that make you look and feel fabulous every day.


Lighting up your life. Every single day.

Imagine an easy, grab and go wardrobe.

A wardrobe which creates endless mix and match outfits.


I know!

It’s simply wonderful. And totally possible.



Yes, with a twist – I add my intuitive approach and decade of experience to the Colour Analysis process!

Whilst I use the ‘seasonal’ colour analysis system OR the ‘tonal’ colouring analysis system, I flex around these to create unique palettes of colours for the individual.

In my opinion and born of experience, I believe our personality plays its part, too.

We are all individual. Unique.

All wallets are tailor made; bespoke.No two wallets are exactly the same!

This approach works, it separates my work with colour from the crowd and it still excites me today.

But don’t take my word for it:


“……….the clincher was that no other consultant seems to offer personalised, individual colour wallets……..a stroke of genius…………I only wish I had had the good sense to do it sooner”

“ A lifetime of trying on, in one afternoon!”



Colour Analysis is simply a trained and experienced eye, comparing the effect of colour against an individual’s face, using fabric drapes. Colours that enhance the individual are recorded to create a bespoke palette of fabric swatches to shop with; the rest are discarded.

As part of the process and with detailed follow up information you will learn:

  • NEUTRAL COLOURS which work for you – typically black, brown, taupe, navy, grey, stone, beige, white.
  • ACCENT COLOURS which bring you to life – typically, red, yellow, orange, purple, pink etc
  • How to combine your colours so you can create many, many varied outfits .
  • How to put together a CAPSULE WARDROBE for yourself.
  • Your best jewellery, spec frame and hair colours.
  • Your best make up colours [if you wear make-up], especially a great lip colour

…..and, of course, you’ll have your BESPOKE wallet of coloured fabric samples to shop with so you can do so with confidence.


PRICES for One- to – One Sessions

£125.00 Half Day Colour Session for ONE

You may like to book Half Day sessions in COLOUR ANALYSIS, What to Wear for your SHAPE and PERSONAL STYLE?

If so, book three separate sessions, say a month apart or similar, and pay £99.00 for each session – Total £298.00 – payable in advance.



£ 99.00 each – Half Day Colour Session for TWO, THREE or FOUR


You may like to book a WHOLE DAY for TWO, THREE or FOUR and, in addition to COLOUR ANALYSIS, there would be time to discover What to Wear for your SHAPE, too.

OR to add discovering your PERSONAL STYLE to the COLOUR ANALYSIS instead?

OR to add mini versions of BOTH What to Wear for your SHAPE and discovering your PERSONAL STYLE to the COLOUR ANALYSIS?

£199.00 each – Whole Day Session  for TWO, THREE or FOUR including lunch


“ One very important aspect of Dress Rehearsal is the totally bespoke consultation and result, no formulaic categorisation. The visual and written information …………is the best and most tailor made I could have received and it is absolutely for me.”


COLOUR ANALYSIS REVIEW – fancy a change?

A change in hair colour can change the colours that suit us.

Even a slight change can be enough to tip the scales and make the difference.

Similarly, I believe [ and I speak for myself ] that our confidence, personal growth, even a change in PERSONAL STYLE can leave us feeling the need for a change or a shift in the colours we choose to wear.


My own, personal experience, is this:


My PERSONAL STYLE and CONFIDENCE has quite simply grown and developed over the years – coupled with a change in hair colour and a real sense that life is short has left me seeking brighter colours in my life.

I have simply shifted from Bright Autumn colours to Warm Spring colours.

A brighter, bolder, more vibrant version of me!

Sound familiar?


  • Receive a full colour analysis; bespoke and with a twist, except
  • Instead of a wallet of fabric samples, receive a digital photo of your bespoke colours to save to your mobile phone, tablet, lap top or PC
  • £79.95 for an hour and a half review





For the price and timings of a Colour Analysis Review, as above – £79.95:

  • Receive a full colour analysis; bespoke and with a twist
  • Instead of a wallet of fabric samples, receive a digital photo of your bespoke colours to save to your mobile phone, tablet, lap top or PC
  • £79.95 for an hour and a half


Sessions are held at my home in Hill Head, Fareham, Hampshire

I have a guest room available for those travelling distance and wishing to STAY OVER

Feel free to contact me, without obligation, for further information OR to book an appointment.
Alternatively please call: 01329 667308 or 07742 816435.