COLOUR ANALYSIS with a twist!


With a decade’s experience as a Colour Consultant and Stylist behind me, it’s been a natural progression for me to move on and to TEACH and MENTOR new and aspiring stylists; also to guide them through to starting their own business.


I do still work with clients on a 1:1 basis, albeit these days with women who are looking for COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION, in other words, Colour Analysis, Clothing Shape Analysis and Personal Style as a complete package:




  • 1:1 £495.00 which includes
  • Half Day [ THREE HOURS ] session in COLOUR ANALYSIS [ including BESPOKE COLOUR WALLET ]
  • Half Day PERSONAL STYLE session
  • GROUP sessions also available – please make contact for full information


Sessions to be taken to suit you – some clients take them in quick succession, others a month or so apart.

A few prefer to condense everything into a whole day.


You may prefer to contact a local colour and style consultant who trained with me; GLENDA is fabulous and offers single, separate sessions – Colour or Shape or Personal Style – or all three – and offers personal shopping, too – do feel free to call her on 07929 016225 or via her Instagram account – @burntorangehat 




Yes, with a twist – I add my intuitive approach and decade of experience to the Colour Analysis process!

Whilst I use the ‘seasonal’ colour analysis system OR the ‘tonal’ colouring analysis system, I flex around these to create unique palettes of colours for the individual.

In my opinion and born of experience, I believe our personality plays its part, too.

We are all individual. Unique.

All colour wallets [ or digital images if you prefer ] are tailor made; bespoke. No two wallets [ or digital images ] are exactly the same!

This approach works, it separates my work with colour from the crowd and it still excites me today.

But don’t take my word for it:


“……….the clincher was that no other consultant seems to offer personalised, individual colour wallets……..a stroke of genius…………I only wish I had had the good sense to do it sooner”