Life can throw a curved ball.


It can feel like a rug has been pulled from beneath us. Floored.


On the whole we manage to pick ourselves up; sometimes we stay down longer than we’d like.


Using my own personal life experience and as an accredited CONFIDENCE COACH, I intuitively guide women through life’s lumps and bumps; to find passion and purpose again and start designing a life that brings real and lasting meaning and happiness.


For myself, CONFIDENCE COACHING is less about ‘building you up’ into someone you currently are not, and more about rediscovering WHO YOU ARE TODAY.

How do you want to spend this precious gift called life?

I work with you to unveil the woman behind the façade, watch her unfold, and go on to be ever unfolding – in time revealing the fullest version of you; no more comparing, simply knowing what’s right for YOU.


I HELP WOMEN who may be feeling:


  • an overall sense that something is missing but have no idea what that ‘thing’ is
  • an overwhelming feeling that there MUST be MORE to life than this
  • hard done by – constantly comparing yourself to others; even jealous
  • a real sense a guilt: having SO much, yet feeling unfulfilled
  • a sense that life is passing you by
  • ‘stuck’ – in a dead end job, in a dead end relationship, in outgrown friendships, outgrown family groups, in a lifestyle that no longer works for you
  • disappointment with how life’s turned out for them
  • ‘done’ with life as it is and looking for change, for transformation; happiness


I believe these feelings begin to stir when we are no longer on the right path in life. These feelings rise up to awaken us to new possibilities, a new path, a new way of living …… one that uses our gifts, our energy, our interests; one that inspires us, gives us meaning in life and brings us happiness.

Let’s awaken these possibilities together, explore new paths of opportunity, gain clarity and move forward with confidence:


  • embrace the YOU of today
  • makes changes based on how you want to feel every day
  • make life decisions based on your intuition
  • follow your heart
  • grow into the fullest version of you


“ …… you walk your talk ……people believe in you.”

   “ …….an inspiration for following your dreams wherever they take you”

“ So proud to have you as one of my coaches”

Dawn Breslin – Author, Speaker, TV Coach & Founder of The Harmonizing Academy


Sessions are held at my home in Hill Head, Fareham, Hampshire.

I have a guest room available for those wishing to STAY OVER

Feel free to contact me, without obligation, for further information OR to book an appointment

Alternatively please call: 01329 667308 or 07742 816435.