Personal Style Analysis

Discover your look and how to put it together


Personal Style Analysis Sessions

Personal Style is absolutely fascinating!
In plain speak, PERSONAL STYLE is dressing to express YOU, but on the outside.
Quite simply that.
It makes shopping a pleasure.
Choosing what to wear becomes easy.
This experience is not to be under estimated.
It’s the one which pulls your COLOUR and SHAPE knowledge together.
The icing on the cake.
Time to stop hiding?
Ready to show the world who you really are?
For a DREAM WARDROBE that’s easy, grab and go?
One that will take you anywhere?
That creates endless mix and match outfits?
Putting that spring in your step?

I can show you how!

  • I’ll show you exactly WHICH styles work for you.
  • And WHY.
  • I’ll show you the styles that won’t work for you, and never will.
  • And WHY they look fabulous on others!
  • You’ll learn the patterns and designs which work for you. If you suit pattern, that is.
  • The fabrics.
  • The shoes.
  • The bags.
  • The accessories.
  • The finishing touches.


I work independently

You are unique.
Your wardrobe will be unique too!
Comparing yourself to others is simply a waste of time and energy.
Focusing on what’s right for you is time, money and energy well spent!
But don’t take my word for it – here’s what clients have to say………

“ One very important aspect of Dress Rehearsal is the totally bespoke consultation and result, no formulaic categorisation. The visual and written information …………is the best and most tailor made I could have received and it is absolutely for me.”

“I am now back with a ‘ready to pull out and pull on, go anywhere mix and match wardrobe’. Earlier this year I had ‘nothing to wear’ taking up a one metre hanging rail, two drawers and two large under-bed drawers. I now have all my outer garments, bar foul weather hats and jackets, on the one metre rail yet can co-ordinate a daytime or evening outfit at a moment’s notice or gather a selection for a holiday or weekend away within minutes. Yes, this rail really does include all my dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, jackets and coats. The wonderful and ordered flow of colours through my wardrobe ……looks fabulous and it works!


PRICES for One- to – One Sessions

£125.00 Half Day PERSONAL STYLE Session for ONE


You may like to book Half Day sessions in COLOUR ANALYSIS, What to Wear for your SHAPE and PERSONAL STYLE?

If so, book three separate sessions, say a month apart or similar, and pay £99.00 for each session – Total £298.00 – payable in advance.



£ 99.00 each – Half Day PERSONAL STYLE Session for TWO, THREE or FOUR


You may like to book a WHOLE DAY for TWO, THREE or FOUR and, in addition to discovering your PERSONAL STYLE there would be time to discover your fabulous COLOURS, too.

OR to add What to wear for your Body shape, instead?

OR to add mini versions of BOTH  COLOUR ANALYSIS and What to Wear for your SHAPE


£199.00 each – Whole Day Session  for TWO, THREE or FOUR including lunch